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MPS Creative is registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 - registration number Z1444772

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MPS Creative Terms & Conditions of Trading

This document sets out the terms and conditions of trading for MPS Creative. All transactions and/or contracts will be subject to these terms and conditions unless specifically notified to you in writing by MPS Creative.


  1. Costs
  2. Delivery
  3. Payment Terms
  4. Credit Limits and Credit Periods
  5. Late Payments
  6. A commitment to quality
  7. Data Protection


Having discussed your project with you and before undertaking any work, MPS Creative (we) will issue a formal quote which will also outline any extras or options you have selected. This quote may be subject to change according to your changing requirements however we will never surprise you with any hidden costs. If any of your requirements throughout the project result in an increase in the cost of completing your website, we will inform you in advance to enable you to make a choice. Work will commence once you have formally accepted the quote and all terms.

In the case of website maintenance and changes, the cost of this is charged at our current hourly rate and you will be given a verbal estimate of the final cost before work commences. If you require a formal quote, one will be provided. We will not surprise you with any hidden costs and if the original estimate is subject to a change, we will notify you in addvance. In the case of an expected number of small jobs (under 15 minutes) over a period of time, we may log these and send one invoice at the end of the period of work.


Once we have received all content from you (text, images, video etc.), we aim to complete your website in the quickest possible timescale. In most cases this would be 14 days from receiving all and final content. In the case of more complex database driven websites, it may take us a little longer. If a delay is expected due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be kept informed as far as possible. In all cases we will give you an estimate on expected timescales.

Once completed, your website will be uploaded to the server that is hosting it subject to our normal payment terms (below). Your website will now be viewable throughout the world.

In the case of maintenance and non-web work, we will agree timescales with you according to your deadline needs.

Payment Terms (Websites)

After our initial discussions, we will send you an official quote (either by post or by email or both) which will provide a full work specification.

Once you have accepted this quote and you give the go-ahead for the project, you will be asked to send us content (text, images, video etc.) for a home page and one other page of your website. If you do not have content for 2 pages at this stage, you may send content for only the home page. We will then design these pages for your approval. At this stage, they will be for design approval only and may not include any detailed functionality. Functionality will be added after approval. You will be asked to approve the design in writing. Once this has been done we will commence the design and build of the rest of the site upon receipt of the rest of the content and payment of 50% of the total amount shown on the quote. The balance, together with any pre-approved optional extras will fall due on completion of the site. We will always keep you informed of the impact on the cost of any changes you require that are different to the ones set out in the quote.

If, once we have designed the approval page(s) and you have sent the content, you have not forwarded the rest of the content for the site within 2 weeks, we reserve the right to send an invoice for the work carried out up to that point less the cost of any deposit you have paid. In some cases the site may be finished and when this is the case, you will be asked to pay the balance of the full cost of designing the site.

An invoice will be issued after final approval of the site and payment should be made within 14 days of the invoice date. Once cleared payment is received by us, the site will then be published and uploaded to the server.

On all special offers where we provide costed items free of charge with web packages the cheaper item is the one that will be provided free of charge. No special offer or free item can be exchanged for cash if you choose not to accept it (or them).

Payment terms for other services

Payment terms and conditions for other services are the same as stated above however approval procedure may vary depending on the service or item. In the case of logo design, we will take a detailed brief from you and present 3 initial design ideas for your approval. Once you have approved one of these (along with agreed changes), you will be asked for a 50% deposit on the quoted price.

For website maintenance and updates which are expected to total more than £100, we will advise you in writing (or by email) of the terms of that work on a job to job basis. For jobs under £100, an invoice will be issued on completion of the work. Subject to your trading history with MPS Creative, you may not be asked for a deposit in advance of such work.

For domain name hosting, web hosting and email services, you will be issued an invoice for these services one month before they are due to expire. If you fail to pay this invoice within 14 days, this may result in your hosting services being suspended.

All other terms and conditions are the same.

Credit Limits and Credit Periods

All credit limits will be set at 50% of the estimated final cost of your project up to a maximum of £2000. Higher limits may be agreed according to your trading history with MPS Creative. In such cases, we will put this in writing.

Credit periods are strictly 14 days from date of invoice in all cases unless otherwise agreed in writing from MPS Creative.

Late Payments

We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation (Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998) if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

A Commitment to quality

MPS Creative is a small business and we are totally committed to bringing you a premium service at all times. This includes giving impartial advice on your project right from the start through to delivering a high quality product at the end. Even after your work is complete, we are committed to providing an after sales service with advice on any aspect of your project. We encourage you to feedback your experience, good or bad, at any time during our working relationship.

Data Protection

The information we keep about you is for our own business records only. We promise that we will not pass on your details to any 3rd party unless legally required to do so. MPS Creative is registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 - registration number Z1444772.

A full copy of our privacy policy is available at http://www.mpscreative.co.uk/privacy.html


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us here.