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Website Promotion

Web design & Marketing

Web Design & Marketing

Web design and marketing should not separated from each other. If you want your website to generate business, design and marketing should be joined at the hip. Your website is an investment and should offer a return which far outweighs your spend. There are two fundamental elements to generating business from your new website, targeted website visitors and conversions (those visitors taking the action you choose).


We'll tackle conversions first because without conversions you will never reap the benefits of lots of visitors. Also, you have more opportunity to increase conversions whereas targeted visitors may be limited.

A conversion is where visitors to your website take the actions you choose. For example:

  • They call you on the phone
  • They fill out an enquiry form
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Download something
  • Buy a product

How to generate conversions

Generating sales, leads or getting the visitor to take a desired action can be relatively easy. If you can make sales off line then you can do it on line. The secret lies within what you say to them when they arrive at your website.

Your website visitors have the same questions that need to be answered whatever medium you use. Be it face to face, in print or on the web. In order to secure the order, they will likely have the following in mind:

  • Am I in the right place?
  • Can they fix my problems?
  • Can I afford the service/product?
  • Will I get value from this?
  • What if I don't buy it or take the next steps?
  • What are the risks involved and are they mitigated in any way?
  • Can I believe what they are saying, can I trust them?
  • Do they have the necessary experience, qualifications or happy customers?
  • What if it all goes wrong?
  • Can I get any better anywhere else?
  • Do they answer all my questions?

There is a whole lot more to copy writing, but if you can satisfactorily answer the questions above you will be well on the way to succeeding. Fear not though, we offer both 'done for you' solutions and training so you will stand out from the crowd!

Generating targeted visitors

So what is a targeted visitor? Simply put, they want or need what you have to sell. They are scouring the Internet for answers. Can you supply them? Before you can provide the answers you need to first get found. There are many ways to do this.

Here are a few:

  • SEO (promoting your website so it appears in the free listing of the search engines)
  • PPC Search (pay per click, where you pay for visitors to your website as they search the Internet)
  • PPC Display (where your ad is shown to visitors who are interested in what you do or sell as they browse the web)
  • Conversion optimisation (generating more conversions by improving your message or offer etc.)
  • Off line Promotion (sign-writing, vehicle livery, print advertising, networking, business cards offers/promotions and so on)
  • Social media and social media advertising
  • Banner exchange/advertising or media buying
  • PR

There are many more methods of generating targeted visitors. We can help, again via training or 'done for you' services.

There is a final stage to marketing your business on the web and that is tracking. All marketing channels that lead back to your website can be tracked. From the simplest form of asking where they heard about you, to the most advanced telephone tracking where you can see where they were on the web before and where they go after they call you, including what search terms they used to find you.

Would you want a fantastic looking website that generates no sales or a beautiful cash machine?

A website is a marketing tool which has to make you money. In order for it to do this it has to attract visitors who want what you have and then persuade them to do what you want.

Sometimes the websites do get lots of visitors but the owners still report little or no business from them. Remember, copy writing for the web is just as important as copy writing for print. Our advice to clients with limited budgets is always to have a small and simple website that can be found by the search engines and conveys your message correctly to your prospects. One page can often do this because time and effort put into what the website says is time and effort well spent.

Your website can grow as your business does.

FREE Marketing Consultation worth £100

With every site we design, we will give you a free marketing consultation to help you get your website working for you and achieving it’s goals.

Please contact us for details

search engine optimisation and promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We will design and build your site keeping in mind all current search trends to ensure that it gets the best possible chance of a high ranking in Google and other search engines. This means placing special code into the site according to your search phrases and key words. Also known as on-page SEO, this is included in all sites we design. Some consider this a slightly dark art but we will shine a little light on it for you!

In certain markets, competition is high so more work is required in order to get to page 1. We can offer training so that you can promote your website and reap the rewards of page 1.

Why do we train and not do it for you?

Nobody understands your business, your customers and market better than you. SEO is all about providing valuable information to your clients, you are ideally placed to do this and we can help you do it right!

Furthermore, you don't have to commit to expensive monthly contracts to reap the benefits of good SEO.

Another key element to SEO is generating links from other websites within your niche. These links must be relevant to your industry. Some consider this the most difficult part of good SEO and there is some truth in that. We can show you how to build these links the right way!


Email design & marketing

Email marketing & Design

We can design your HTML Emails and also manage your email campaigns, making sure that you keep the right side of the spam rules when sending.

HTML email design starts at £35 and covers most designs. If you would like more information about HTML emails, please contact us here.

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