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Do I really need a website?

Yes. Definitely. Of course you do. Absolutely.

Well, you would probably expect me to say that I guess… after all, I design them for a living!

Seriously though, it is a valid question and one that comes up a fair amount these days given the proliferation of online platforms available, most of which you could utilise for your business in one way or another.

If you work full-time and earn some extra cash from a hobby in your spare time, then perhaps you don’t yet need a dedicated website and you might be happy just using a Facebook page or any other suitable social-media platform.

Once your business starts to grow though, or if it’s more than just a spare-time activity, you probably do need a website and there are a number of good reasons to consider one for your business.

Your shop window

Think of your website as your ‘shop window’ in terms of your overall marketing activity. It is the place people will look for all the information about your business, in one place, in order to make a decision about buying your products or services.

I mentioned above the myriad of options available to you, and this in itself can cause you a real headache in terms of keeping all your information current and relevant. If you have several different social media accounts, it can be enormously time-consuming keeping them all up to date. Though there is no doubt that all these different platforms have a really important part to play in your online strategy, to make sure you optimise the experience for your potential customers, you should perhaps consider them in a different way.

Drive traffic towards your site not away from it

Think of your website as the central hub of your online marketing and use social media and other elements to drive traffic towards it.

Think of your website as the central hub of your online presence. It is highly unlikely that it alone will suddenly start generating business without a little help and that’s where social media and all your other forms of marketing come in. Of course, you do need to carefully plan and consider your internal site content but this is just part of the bigger picture, together with the other elements in the image above.

If you are looking for your website to generate business for you, everything you do online or otherwise should have the same aim in mind: to drive traffic to it. Once there, your visitors can gather information and make a decision about purchasing.

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Do I really need a website?

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